M-a_R.K (markus_loki) wrote,

Just got a free moment to sit down wit' ol compooter to check messages... been as busy as a bank robber in a power cut.

Erm, ENT shows went well, good number of people went to both the London Garage and the Colchester AC. Adam couldn't make the London show, so John from Raging Speedhorn filled in at the last minute. All of you reading this who did not attend missed blistering performances by both bands, especially Nasum... Swedish Grindcore mayhem. Nasum nearly didn't make the Colchester gig as their tourbus was wheelclamped in Highbury after the Garage gig!!!

Caught up with a load of mates at both shows, realised how antisocial I am being by being really behind with the news. Ended up running the ENT merch stand at the garage by default, as no-one seemed to be doing it when the doors opened. Rob and Emu kept me company though, so I wasn't bored. I also had a great view of the stage for the show.

I sold all the tshirts and vinyl that ENT brought to sell, and had to take contact details for people who wanted to get the new stuff before the distributors!!! Dean and Woody both promised me payment in beer, but they knew bloody well that I was their sodding driver!!!

Well, one beer didn't hurt.

Dean seemed really choked up about the death of JP, and dedicated "Carry on Screaming" to his memory. Nasum did the same, although it seemed highly dubious as to whether they knew of him prior to coming to the UK. It is easy to get caught up in the hysteria though, and they obviously recognised that the crowd were very supportive of ENT's dedication.

Saw Paul, the old guitarist from mine and chaos_minion's band at the AC last night. It was great to catch up with him, and we promised to meet up soon in London for a drink. He was disappointed that his band were not the support, as they are also grindcore... but they are apparently on hiatus at the mo.

In short, a pretty good week so far.
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