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Back from London, saw Rammstein on Saturday at the Brixton Academy, 'twas brillig!
I still find it funny that so many industrial fans shun Rammstein in an effort to maintain some rather confusing underground scene elitism... Yes I know that Laibach were doing the same stuff first, but Rammstein do it better now!

This weekend also saw me officially losing all faith in the London public transport system (HOW many tube cancellations?!?), to be nicely augmented by a taxi driver extorting a king's ransom in return for a ride practically three blocks away.

I need to get my car back on the tarmac as soon as is humanly possible.

And now.....

I want to apologise to anyone I may have offended with my last post.

So there. Done. But:

I saw some hilarious fat goth dancing at Rammstein that made me chuckle! I think she had 'Temple of Love' in her head. They are always sooo good for a laugh!

I mean Fat goths, not Rammstein.
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